Spring is Here

It is spring! The season of renewal. In TK and kindergarten we learn that the flowers bloom in the spring, baby animals are born in the spring and the weather becomes nicer in the spring. Spring is also the season where we changed the clock and it is lighter later at night. It is baseball season. For our older students it is also the signal that it is almost testing time. Let’s help keep our focus on the academics during this time of renewal and change. The mantra in room 1 is work first, then play. June will be here before we know it and then it is all play, all the time. For now… good food, lots of sleep, do all homework, read books, study words, numbers, and concepts. You can do this! Just think how good you will feel when testing is done and you know you have done your best. Here’s to Elwin Bulldog’s doing their best and hitting a homerun!