Elwin's 1st Annual Color Run

     The 1st Annual Color Run at Elwin Elementary has come and gone. All that is left are nostalgic memories and the chatter of children reminiscing about the event. If you were not there, don’t fret, there will be another this year.

     The event began with months of planning. Both students, parents, and school staff played a role in making this event memorable. It all started with donations. Parents brought in corn starch and food coloring and the students and teachers created the colored powder as well the colored water that would be used to spray the participants. Approximately 100 pounds of powder was created and over 30 gallons of colored water was mixed for the event. Additionally, we wanted to make this event memorable and wanted the students to have some souvenirs from the event. Shirts and glasses were ordered that were both motivational as well as memorable.  

     The planning for the obstacle course was the most difficult, yet the most rewarding. We spent a month measuring distances, drawing a course, and determining obstacles. Many of the students who ran the course had several favorites. One of which was the net, which they had to crawl under, all while colored powder flew all over them. Another was the maze. Students had to find their way out of the maze that was constructed from desks’, again, all while powder flew on them and their friends. Some of the stations included soaking stations. Teachers and volunteers would wet students after sliding down the playground slide, which would allow for the powdered color to really stick to a participant’s skin and clothes.

     At the end of it all, students, parents, and teachers were so excited, the Color Run became the topic of conversation the rest of the week. This year, we plan on not only holding this event again, but making it better!