Sixth Grade is Living Wise

Sixth Grade Science Water Unit and So Cal Gas

      Sixth grade students are currently participating in The Living Wise program funded by So Cal Gas, a Sempra Energy Utility. The Living Wise program will help our Elwin students and their families learn the importance of natural resources and immediately lower their utility bills. So Cal Gas has fully paid for and provided the program for our 6th graders.

     Each student receives a kit containing bathroom faucet aerators, a filter tone alarm, two high-efficiency shower heads,  kitchen faucet aerators, a digital thermometer, a lawn/rain gauge, a measuring tape, and a water collection bag. The students are to install the products and learn about energy efficiency and conserving at home.

     Our families will have the opportunity to save natural resources and money all at the same time. The Living Wise program came at a perfect time because it coincides with our 6th grade science water unit.