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About Our School

Elwin Elementary is a K-5 school servicing approximately 250 students. Elwin students continually show growth in academic progress indicators; however, our goal is to have all students proficient in English Language Arts and Math. Another one of our goals remains to reclassify students as Fluent English Proficient before they leave our school. We have been fortunate to maintain our Common Meeting Time schedule which allows teachers to meet in grade level and vertical teams on a weekly basis. Teachers are able to use this time to discuss common formative assessments, align instruction to essential standards, and plan, target, and analyze data to identify groups of students for intervention. Elwin Elementary has focused a lot of resources on technology. Classrooms are equipped with document cameras, laser printers, and SMART Boards. Students use the technology to access Accelerated Reader, i-Ready, Microsoft Office, Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, etc. and the Internet as well. Many teachers use Google Classroom as their learning management system so that students may complete and submit assignments as well as collaborate with their peers online. All students in grades 3 - 5 are equipped with Chromebooks in their classrooms for daily use.  All K-2 classrooms are also  equipped with Chromebooks as well. Teachers use the same tools, as well as Synergy (a new database program which helps to track student information and progress over multiple years). Elwin will continue to grow students academically and socially.