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Write from the Beginning & Beyond

     Write from the Beginning and Beyond is a developmental, vertically aligned writing program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The focus of the program is on early and continuous training in those criteria that are necessary for successful writing achievement. Write from the Beginning and Beyond is intended to provide both the knowledge and skills necessary for age-appropriate writing instruction and achievement. Each grade level focuses on specific writing goals which the next grade level will build upon.      Since writing proficiency begins with the understanding of the basic structure, first instruction is focused on the basic structure. Once proficiency is demonstrated, different strategies unique to the type of writing are taught. As students become more proficient with the strategies, a strong voice and style will develop naturally. 
     At Elwin, we are committed to our school-wide writing goal: all students will become proficient writers. All teachers are trained in Write from the Beginning and Beyond, as well as Thinking Maps, and ongoing professional development is provided. As part of our commitment to continuous progress, teachers collaborate to create grade-level Writing Plans and provide or observe demonstration lessons with their colleagues.
     Through consistent implementation, students are becoming confident writers. Every day students produce writing for a variety of purposes and use Thinking Maps to organize and plan for their writing.