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Baldwin Park Unified School District is unique and stands out in the implementation of its GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) instruction. In the coming days, all of Elwin’s GATE students will learn about upstanders and problem solvers. The students will learn and discuss topics relating to people who have made their communities better by helping others while realizing the true importance of teamwork. Additionally, the students will learn about people, both in their community, as well as around the world who faced danger while fighting for a good cause.  

After days and months of instruction, these students will create a project. They will choose a person who is an upstander and problem solver, then create a documentary based on how that person has positively affected people. Finally, on May 9th, the students will enter a rigorous competition where their documentaries will compete with those of other schools within the district.  

The opportunity that GATE students have at Elwin Elementary is unique to Baldwin Park Unified School District as well as educational, motivating, and entertaining.  At the end of these sessions, these students will better understand what it takes to conquer adversity, and they will be equipped with the tools necessary to become leaders themselves.